How to do Sales friendly SEO ?

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Search Engines are still most productive source of hot leads and social media is favourite place for digital marketing.

I have client in car cleaning services in USA and they are very popular in their locations.

In first meeting they have given us some popular keywords to optimize like Car Cleaning LA , Car Cleaning, Car Cleaning Services, Car Cleaning Solutions etc.

I have given action plan for SEO as per targeted keywords but i have given one more action plan which is based on long tail keywords based on FAQs.

Keywords Like "How to take care of your car in Summers"

"Do's and Don't Of Car Cleaning "

"How to do germ free cleaning of your car interior"

We took same efforts on both type of keywords and results were

High Volume Keywords : Number Of Leads 92 per month

Long Tail Keywords : Number Of Leads : 234 per month

People consume content on the basis of their needs and they buy as per their wants so just targeting highly popular keywords with high competition will not generate more leads.

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